Americans for Biblical Values is an inter-faith, nondenominational organization to restore biblical values in our personal lives, families and nation.

About Us

A lot of people understand that the Bible contains the greatest wisdom on how to run their personal lives and a society. And those people end up having great conversations in sharing those values with their family, friends and co-workers. But even though they’d like to impact the society with the Bible’s wisdom, that desire often doesn’t go past those conversations.

Therefore, the purpose of Americans for Biblical Values is to give both an active and available voice in the public forums for Biblical values in a clear, uncompromising way.

Our purposes are:
(1) To make the Bible’s wisdom known in the public forums, but in objective terms that are palatable to the current state of the public forums (through press releases, articles, speeches and media interviews). 1Cor. 9:22 "I have become all things to all, to save at least some."
(2) To educate and equip people with proofs as to why, pragmatically and objectively, they are the greatest values
(3) To give people tools to be able to actively spread them into the mainstream
(4) To give a united voice to people who would like to influence the society with these values

What makes Americans for Biblical Values unique is that instead of just stating Biblical values in the mainstream (as most groups often just do), it bridges a needy gap by explaining WHY these are the best approaches to the problems of our society and individual lives. And we give those explanations not in esoteric religious terms, but with objective language and backed by science.

Because these Biblical values objectively stand on their own in nature and in logic… even though we are saying “Biblical” values, these values can find resonance among all religions and political affiliations. Therefore, all who recognize the value of Biblical principles and the tremendous importance and need to educate people and society about them, are welcome to join us.

What we stand for:

(1) We stand for only that which can be proven by science
(2) We stand for only that which is logically irrefutable
(3) God can be proven by science to exist (which is shown in Dennis Marcellino’s book Why Are We Here?)
(4) God’s existence is logically irrefutable (which is shown in Why Are We Here?)
(5) That which is provable in the Bible proves to be true (which is shown in Why Are We Here?)
(6) There is nothing in the Bible that can be proven to be false
(7) Therefore, it is mathematically sound to believe that everything in the Bible is true
(8) The Bible has proven to be the ultimate guide for how to run personal lives and societies
(9) Therefore we want to promote the proofs and ways of God and the Bible as the way to solve the problems of individuals and societies
(10) We want to do so in objective, non-esoteric terms…and in peace and love and with great inSpiration and purpose
(11) We want to promote an understanding of the basics (the existence of God and the truthfulness and superiority of the Bible) because that is what will allow people to discover for themselves that the Bible’s ways are the best ways (as opposed to two sides arguing with each other that what they each think is right.)
(12) There objectively are absolute truths (says the science of logic), and we recognize only those truths.

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