Dennis Marcellino, founder of Americans for Biblical Values, author of Why Are We Here? and also a former member of some top bands such as The Tokens (Lion Sleeps Tonight) and Sly and the Family Stone, is available for radio and television media interviews as well as to speak at live events such as conferences, organizations or events.
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Regarding speaking at churches and to conservative political groups, Dennis says: "Maybe I don't need to preach to the choir, but they still need songs to sing:) That is, in conversations with our families, friends and co-workers it is nice to have short, concise statements that easily communicate WHY the positions you've taken...God's positions...are correct. These concise statements are part of what I provide. I also provide understandings to the n-th degree so that there can be no further rebuttal. That's important because, in a determination of what is right, only the last irrefutable thought stands. And in this sense, God and His Bible turn out to be right every time."
Dennis Marcellino Speech Topics:

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How (and why) Liberals Have Been Hurting Our Country… and what we can do about it
(by an EX liberal, and a former member of: Sly & The Family Stone, The Elvin Bishop Group and The Tokens, famous for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”)

How I found Christianity to be at the pinnacle of life
Dennis' personal testimony of his journey through 21 different approaches to lifestyle, truth, personal growth and problem solving, as he went from being a liberal to being a Christian in 1983. This speech includes him singing his Christian version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight and playing sax.

Secular Humanism: The Monopolistic Religion of the United States
How Secular Humanism is a religion, statistical proof of how it is not working and rather how it is ruining our country. Also, how "Separation of Church and state" is a moot argument by the secularists because secularism fulfills the very definition of what a religion is. This speech also shows how scientifically and logically, the issues of religion (morality and the nature of existence) are unavoidable in the mainstream. Therefore, in their desire to monopolize the explanations of morality and the nature of existence, the secularists are falsely using "Separation of Church and state" to squelch the competition.

Restoring Biblical Values in our Lives and Nation
How following biblical values is objectively, scientifically, psychologically and sociologically the most important and effective thing we can and need to do to improve our personal lives and nation

Bringing Biblical Values into Our Workplace
Examines how we can help bring God's values into our work experience.

Scientific Proof that God Exists
Presentation Includes:
• A scientific proof of the existence of God
• What “scientific proof” is and consists of (most equate it with “absolute proof”, but it’s not)
• What the scientific method is and how it can be used to prove the existence of (and understand the properties of) things that are invisible, too small, too hidden or too far away to be accessed directly
• Why a scientific proof of the existence of God is needed today to counteract the inaccurate ideas prevalent in the media and schools that say we should put our “faith” in human knowledge and the changeable, sometimes flawed theories of science, psychology and the mainstream culture of political correctness as the ultimate truths and way to approach life (while at the same time inferring that putting our “faith” in God is somehow outdated, naive and uneducated).
• A look at social statistics of the U.S. will show that when more people were putting their “faith” in God that individuals, families and society were more harmonious, peaceful, happy and safe.
• How we can have personal proof of the existence and continual actions of God in our life
• Many reasons and facts that many people aren't aware of that can help them to understand the meaning of life and to have a meaningful life themselves

Why Are We Here?
A scientifically proven answer to The Meaning of Life that we all need to know in order to have a good life and afterlife.
Presentation Includes:
• A scientific proof of the existence of God
• An explanation of what ‘scientific proof’ is and how some things that the mainstream accepts as fact are really unproven theories (e.g. atoms, evolution, etc.)
• Real answers to some difficult philosophical questions, such as: Who made God?; How can a loving God allow evil?; How can a loving God invent diseases, natural disasters, and personal traumas?
• What is the meaning of life? (It all boils down to one sociological principle)
• What is the purpose of our life (individually)?

What is the Truth?
How can we know it; and how can we prove it?
Presentation Includes:
• The three ways by which we come to know truth
• What is science?
• The clearest and most complete way to see what we are and what life is
• What the ultimate truths about life are and how to prove them
• Examining the credibility of our sources of truth

How a Small Minority is Ruining our Nation and What We Can Do About It
Edmund Burke, English politician and philosopher of the 18th century said that, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Dennis shares his insights from years of working in the entertainment industry in San Francisco and Los Angeles and witnessing first-hand the revolutionary forces working in our entertainment, media and educational system to change our society from the Christian nation it once was to the secular and godless nation it is fast becoming. He cites these trends, how they came into being, how they continue to work and what we need to do to reverse them.

The Fallacy of Separation of Church and State
Separation of Church and state is a modern invention by liberals that has no basis in constitutional law. The constitution guarantees rather “Freedom of Religion” in the First Amendment. The purpose of it was to protect religion from the state, not the other way around. There are many historical and current quotes that verify this. Even current Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist in an official opinion wrote this: “The ‘wall of separation between church and State’ is a metaphor based on bad history, a metaphor which has proved useless as a guide to judging. It should be frankly and explicitly abandoned.”(Wallace v. Jaffree, 472 U.S. 38, 106). It is impossible to separate the realities that religion addresses from life because these determine what our laws and cultural morals will be.

Personal and Societal Proofs
that Following the Bible Works Best
How the Bible gives us the best way to run our lives and society with statistics to prove it from America's past, from other parts of the world and from individual lives (including Marcellino's own.)
In God We Trust? Rediscovering Our Judeo-Christian Roots
A review of the Judeo-Christian roots upon which our nation was built. This speech explores what those roots were, why they are still needed and what needs to be done to stop the ongoing downward slide to immorality and secularism.

The Practical Value of Religion

"Dennis Marcellino's performance was fantastic! He engaged the audience in the opening seconds and kept their attention throughout the session. Dennis is a talented storyteller and musician, and he wove these two talents together beautifully and in a unique style. I am exceedingly happy with his presentation, and will invite him to speak at future events and recommend him to others."
Wendi Watson, Director of Marketing & Events, Restore America

Headlines! September 14th!
Dennis Marcellino appeared at our church. He wowed his audience with some wonderful music, but even more importantly bowled them over with his grasp of the unseen hand of God moving through our scientific discoveries.
Terry Hughes, Event Coordinator

I, personally, found your presentations exactly what I had hoped for. I am always delighted with working with 'artists'. You guys see reality from a wonderfully different vantage point. I am always refreshed and enriched by such things as you presented. I feel there was so much content that it would have made a nice two-credit course in the catalogue.
Rev. Ed Windhaus, Event Coordinator, Swarthmore College

Dennis’ “life story would make a good movie.”
Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges Bi-Co News (Re: Dennis’ speech at Haverford)

Dennis Marcellino is a superb presenter! He recently gave a program at our organization titled "Ten conclusive proofs that God exists." He articulated his arguments skillfully and convincingly, coupled with illustrations from his personal life's journey. His powerpoint graphics were well crafted and at a subsequent gathering he demonstrated his enormous musical talent on the saxophone. I would highly recommend Dennis to those desiring a stimulating
and entertaining program.
Dr. Keith Swenson, President, Design Science Association Professor of Biology, Multnomah Bible College

Dennis Marcellino's engaging subject is delivered with a disarming, "everyman" feeling. Sometimes drawing from his extensive background in the performance music business, he has volumes to share, about the joys (and misadventures) on his road to salvation, and a solid foundation. Also, his sax performance is simply excellent--upon hearing, one can understand why Dennis has had so much professional work in this field!
Kevin Hogan, Videographer for the Design Science Association

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